This Chinese New Year opens an era for China to be the new polar world leader that will change the balance of power.

and political challenges

and important when

China's President Xi Jinping is the bridge between BRICS and ASEAN, with nearly 4 billion people behind.

Pinit Jarusombat, Former Deputy Prime Minister

and chairman of the Thai-Chinese Cultural Council

Mentioning the New Year or Chinese New Year festival of Chinese people around the world in 2023, this is considered a new era in the world that will have changes in geopolitics and politics.

(Geopolitics) and the big world balance of power.

that a new polarization will occur

Between the old pole and the new pole, with the People's Republic of China as the leader

Consists of the BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

A group of countries classified as developing developing countries.

and rapid economic growth

The new powerhouse of the global economy with a combined population of approximately 3,200 million people and is classified as a group that poses a challenge to the countries of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) that must establish a cooperation path in line with the BRICS group to for the greatest benefit of ASEAN

Since the BRICS is an important trading partner

And the value of trade between ASEAN is higher than the European Union.

and the United States together

“This year's Chinese New Year is therefore important to the Thai economy.

and world economy

Under the clear stance of President Xi Jinping, who is trying to visit different countries.

To bridge trade and investment between China and all regions, you can see that in many regions even Africa.

People there can still speak Chinese fluently.

Not only that

President Xi Jinping also visits Saudi Arabia.

and invested in many countries in the Middle East

Be it Iran, Iraq or Saudi Arabia.”

Chairman of the Thai-Chinese Cultural Council

I also believe that

after the full opening of the country in the next period

China's central government will gradually

Allowing Chinese private sector to join more investments with Thai businessmen

Starting with modern technology industries such as electric vehicles (EV), China is now a leader in the world's largest electric vehicle industry.

“As you can see

Today, China has electric car camps such as The Great Wall, BYD, MG, Changan Automobile or JAC Motors (JAC Motors), the private sector in Thailand. There are many camps that jointly invest in setting up a production plant.

and assembling Chinese electric cars.”

Mr. Pinit said that now Chinese people in Thailand.

and in China

They all have very good feelings for the Thai government.

Especially to create a surprise for Madame Peng Liyuan, wife of President Xi Jinping during the APEC meeting in Thailand.

“The Prime Minister of Thailand and his wife made a surprise surprise by presenting Madame Peng with a elaborate birthday cake. I think this is a small but profound thing.

It also benefits Thailand immensely.

and will extend to the nation

And Thai people get other benefits

Many other aspects, which I consider Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha to be very successful in this regard.

Mr. Pinit also commented that

The increasing attention of the Thai media to Thai-Chinese relations

It is also a good sign that will help make Chinese people and Thai people have a relationship.

and a better understanding of each other

The important thing is that it will allow Thai and Chinese private businessmen to expand their trade and investment.

As well as the tourism business can be enormous from the value of trade between each other at

150,000-200,000 million will increase much more.

Especially the connection in the transportation system that will allow Thai agricultural products to be distributed quickly in the Chinese market.

In this case, customs inspection procedures or the Thai import-export system must be prepared to deal with the volume.

and value added under authenticity too

“When China eases its COVID-19 measures to zero quickly like this.

Thai people in the tourism business group, such as large and small hotels, boutique hotels, restaurants, shops, stalls, boats and OTOP products.

Everyone is happy that Chinese tourists are coming back.

Especially during this Chinese New Year festival.

From now on, there should be only good things.

Happened in Thailand.