The 2023 tax campaign opens.

Local taxes and fees in Sofia can be paid online from today, and from tomorrow - January 23, and at the cash register in the regional tax departments, by bank transfer or through financial intermediaries, reported the Sofia Municipality, BTA reported.

The deadline for availing the 5% discount on building tax and motor vehicle tax is 30 April 2023, provided that the entire amount due is paid in one go.

Until the end of April this year is the deadline for the first installment of the household waste fee, the "Municipal Revenue" Directorate of the Capital Municipality reminds.

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From January 6, motor vehicle tax for 2023 can now be paid in Sofia, with BGN 1.5 million paid by 11,500 taxpayers in the first week of the campaign alone.

During the whole of 2022, the motor vehicle tax paid into the budget was a total of BGN 112.1 million, of which BGN 65 million came from individuals.

BGN 122.7 million were paid into the treasury of Sofia in the year

such as real estate tax.

Of these funds, BGN 61.5 million were paid by individuals - property owners.

When paying local taxes and fees in installments, the deadlines in which this must be done without interest being charged for delay are - for real estate tax and motor vehicle tax - June 30 - first installment and October 31 - second installment.

For household waste fee – four installments: April 30, June 30, September 30 and November 30.

The rates for local taxes and fees have not changed and are the same as in the past few years.

The most convenient way to pay local taxes and fees is through the portal of the Metropolitan Municipality: There, every owner of a property or car in Sofia can make and check what has obligations to the municipal budget.

The printing of tax notices will begin in the second half of February, specified by "Municipal Revenue".

They will be sent from the end of February to those owners who prefer to receive paper messages instead of electronic ones to the e-mail address specified by them, informs the Metropolitan Municipality.

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