Xiao Meiqin, my country's ambassador to the United States.

(Associated Press)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The "New York Times" praised Xiao Meiqin, my country's representative to the United States, as "the most influential ambassador in Washington." Strong internal channels of communication.

According to the New York Times report, although Xiao Meiqin does not have the title of ambassador, she is an economic and cultural representative of Taipei in Washington. One of the influential foreign ambassadors, enjoys direct access to important people in Washington. He talks to senior officials of the Biden administration every day and keeps in touch with the leaders of both parties in the US Congress. Trump’s White House National Security Adviser Polly John Bolton once said, "Of all the country's representatives in the United States, Taiwan's diplomatic representative is the most impressive one."

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The United States has banned the former representatives of Taiwan to the United States from visiting the White House and the State Department many years ago, but now Xiao Meiqin is a frequent visitor to the Capitol Hill in Washington, and will regularly visit the White House and the State Department. Ge Laiyi, an expert on China issues at the German Marshall Fund think tank in Washington DC ( Bonnie Glaser also confirmed that "Xiao Meiqin has indeed gained the trust of these people in Washington."

Despite Michelle Hsiao's reserved and quiet demeanor, China still considers her a dangerous instigator, and China continues to pay close attention to any deviations from the one-China policy and the nature and location of the interaction between Taiwan and the United States, when Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives When visiting Taiwan in August last year, China accused Xiao Meiqin of planning the visit, which triggered a Chinese military exercise and pushed Taiwan into a dangerous abyss.

In the face of China's "wolf warrior" style of diplomacy, Xiao Meiqin laughed and said that she is a "war cat". Because cats have agility and a flexible body to maintain balance, they can walk on tight ropes.

Xiao Meiqin turned to accuse China that "Taiwanese not only hate being bullied, but also hate being told that we can't have any friends." Partners’ appreciation has increased, which is very helpful to Taiwan.”, “For me, this is not just a job, it’s a matter of survival, and it’s a matter of Taiwan’s survival.”

Although the relationship between the United States and Taiwan has gradually warmed up recently, the United States handles its relationship with Taiwan’s representative in the United States cautiously. For example, the markings on the license plates obtained by Xiao Meiqin and her colleagues are somewhat different, omitting the word "diplomat". Xiao Meiqin said frankly Difficult to strike a balance, acknowledging frustration over ambassador titles tied to who can attend what meeting where, but she understands the US position, "We don't blame the US, we blame the threat Everyone, the bully who created the conditions."