The finalist of the romantic reality show "



Sasha Mudra

met her love after the end of the project.

At least, this is what the show participant, actress

Victoria Varley

, who, by the way,

got married after the project

, claims .

The artist shared that Mudra is dating an American with whom she had a relationship even before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

"Her heart is busy. She has a boyfriend. He's American. I saw him, we know each other. He's her senior, he's about my age. Very cool. We went to a museum together here in Miami, then we went to a restaurant. And then they came to me here on the beach, we were sitting with my dog," Varley said during a conversation with Anna Olytska.

Sasha Wise / Photo:

Victoria does not know how they met, but she assumes that it was most likely through social networks.

Varley noted that Mudroi's lover helped her leave Ukraine for America after the start of a full-scale war.

In addition, the actress noted that Mudra's boyfriend is a wealthy and generous man: "When we were sitting in a restaurant, he ordered everything on the menu and paid. He's a cool guy. Sasha is the boss in this relationship, that's 100%. He fulfills her whims." , - said Varley.

Sasha Wise / Photo:

It will be recalled that Kateryna Lozovytska and Sasha Mudra ended up in the finals of the "Bachelor-12" project.

The main character of the reality show Alex Topolsky preferred Kateryna.

But even before the start of a full-scale war, the couple broke up.

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