The head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, together with the Russian military command, are preparing their country for a long-term war in Ukraine.

This was discussed in the commentary of military expert Yan Matveev on the FREEDOM channel.

"They really want a 'fatal war' - this can be seen from the statements and rhetoric of the Kremlin. This was stated by military expert Yan Matveev. Later, in February, Putin will try to organize a mass recruitment of emergency personnel and mobilize the economy of the Russian Federation. Morally, they are already ready. And maybe in Putin's head he has been in a state of total war for a long time," Matveev said.

Earlier, the representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense Andriy Yusov noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing his citizens for life in a state of war. 

At the same time, disputes are intensifying in the Kremlin against the background of the successes of the Armed Forces in the war. 

The closest entourage of the dictator already understands that "Putin's end is determined."

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