Ms. Milin lives near the Zhongyou Department Store. She buys lucky bags every year. This year she won the electric car prize. She said happily that she would discuss the use with her children.

(Provided by Zhongyou Department Store)

[Reporter Ou Sumei/Taichung Report] To seize the business opportunities of the New Year’s Eve, Taichung’s Zhongyou Department Store opened pre-ordered lucky bags on the first day of the Lunar New Year to draw lucky bags. Some people won a sweeping robot worth tens of thousands of yuan. The biggest prize was an electric scooter worth nearly 90,000 yuan. Ms. Mi Lin, who lives near a department store, won the draw. She said that she wanted to discuss with her children the use of the electric scooter.

Some people come to buy lucky bags every year and win big prizes one after another. They are very happy.

On the morning of the first day of the Chinese New Year, consumers who pre-ordered lucky bags at Zhongyou Department Store opened the lucky bag draw. There was a crowd of people queuing up at 10:00. For the lucky bag number, Ms. Zhang from Lugang won the "SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip4 foldable phone" with a market price of more than 30,000 yuan. She said happily that the lucky bag was pre-ordered by her mother, and she has pre-ordered the lucky bag at Zhongyou Department Store for 7 consecutive years.

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Ms. Zhang, who lives in Taiping, said that she bought Zhongyou lucky bags every year. In the past two years, she won a famous brand bag. This year, she won a sweeping robot worth more than 10,000 yuan. She was very happy; Said that this is the second time to buy a Zhongyou blessing bag. The last time I got the vacuum cleaner, this time I got the air purifier, and I feel very happy.

Among this year's awards was the "Wanbo Full HD Smart Projector T6 Max", which is very popular among young people. The market price was more than 10,000 yuan, and it was drawn out by a Mr. Lin. Today, the two couples brought their children to draw numbers together. In particular, the two children who belong to the zodiac of the dragon and the sheep each twisted the gashapon machine. They did not expect to be so lucky to win the big prize. My mother comes to Zhongyou Department Store every year to pre-order lucky bags. My friend's lucky bags are very valuable."

Around 12:00 noon, the biggest prize was drawn, the "Super Soco TSX Electric Motorcycle" with a market price of 89,900 yuan. The lucky winner was Ms. Milin who lived near Zhongyou Department Store. Vacuum cleaner, this year’s electric scooter was a bit of a surprise. I will discuss the use of the electric scooter after the children get home. Zhongyou Department Store is “very practical”, and I feel that it is real and friendly for daily consumption or buying lucky bags.

In addition, from the first day to the eighth day of the Lunar New Year, Fengyuan Pacific Department Store also prepares thousands of Chinese New Year gifts for the public to try their luck.

Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year, and the God of Wealth welcomes the Spring Festival. We have prepared 10,000 yuan in red envelopes to give away generously, and there is also a wonderful performance of dragon and lion dances.

At Fengyuan Pacific Department Store, on the first day of the Lunar New Year, the God of Wealth sent out wedding candies and red envelopes.

(Provided by Pacific Department Store)