Today, December 22, Ukraine celebrates

the Day of Sobornosty


It was on this day 104 years ago that an important historical event took place - the country was united.

Thus, the Act of Merging the Ukrainian People's Republic and the West Ukrainian People's Republic was proclaimed.

Officials and politicians congratulated Ukrainians on the holiday, in particular, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recorded a video greeting.

Ukrainian celebrities are also not far behind and congratulate Ukraine on an important holiday.

Andriy Bednyakov

In Instagram-stories, the presenter published a post where, as a resident of eastern Ukraine, he congratulated on the holiday.

Bednyakov also added two emoticons in the shape of a heart in blue and yellow colors to his words.

"Happy Assembly Day! I'm telling you this as a Mariupol native," the presenter wrote.


Zlata Ognevich

In her greeting, the executive reminded that independence is the life credo of Ukrainians.

"Independence has always been the national credo of Ukrainians. Happy Unity Day of Ukraine," the artist wrote.

Zlata Ognevich / Photo:


The performer published a photo with her family, where she is depicted against the background of the Ukrainian flag and burnt Russian equipment.

The singer reminded what the strength of Ukrainians is.

"Our strength is in unity, our strength is in identity! Strength is in language, history, culture! Happy Unity Day, my strong Ukraine," the artist wrote.

Kamaliya with her husband and daughters / Photo:

Hector Jimenez-Bravo

"Happy Independence and Freedom Day of Ukraine! We survived to this day and did not surrender to the enemy, and it's all thanks to the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces - I will not get tired of talking about it. Today, all of Ukraine is united again, as it was a hundred years ago - in 1919. We are not neither enemies, nor hard times, nor an economic crisis stopped us. Ukrainians will always be free in their hearts, in their minds, and in their choices, be it language, religion, or place of residence. Let's respect each other's choices and opinions, because on such a festive day we have to unite, not to quarrel. Happy holiday to all and a peaceful sky for us! Glory to Ukraine!"

- wrote the cook.

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Solomia Vitvitska

In her greeting, the host reminded Ukrainians when they are truly strong.

"Happy Anniversary! We are strong when we are together!"

- wrote the host.

Solomiya Vitvitska / Photo:

Nikita Dobrynin

The presenter published a photo in Instagram-stories showing the coat of arms of Ukraine on a blue background.

Nikita added that this is a holiday of unity and courage.

"Happy Independence Day of Ukraine. This is our holiday of unity and courage in the struggle," Dobrynin noted.


Glory Demin

The presenter posted a patriotic image in the photo blog and congratulated Ukrainians on the holiday.

"Happy Assembly Day of Ukraine," the presenter's post reads.


Max Barskikh

The popular singer in Instagram-stories published a photo from his concerts, where supporters hold blue and yellow flags, and congratulated him on an important holiday.

"Happy Sobornosti Day, indomitable," wrote Barskykh and added an emoticon that looks like the Ukrainian flag.


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