Netizens went to the temple to pay their respects and saw a mother preparing a scientific noodle box with the word "safety" written on it, and a "wish list" was pasted on the top.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Many people will go to temples to pray for safety and prosperity during the Spring Festival. Some netizens posted pictures of blessings they saw in temples.

This netizen posted on the Facebook group "On the Road Observation Academy" a scene he encountered a few days ago. In the photo, a mother is seen visiting a temple, holding incense, and offering offerings with the word "Peace" written on the outer box on the table. , there is also a "wish list" posted on the top, which mentions "remember to wash the bento box when you go home", "you can lift the toilet lid before peeing", "less love for dad", seemingly nonsensical but real content , asked the original PO to write, "I saw my aunt worshiping science from a distance, and there was a dense wish list on it. Sure enough, faith + science = invincible."

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After the post was exposed, it attracted a lot of netizens to discuss, "What is the concept of having less love for Dad", "Mom scolds all day long, and Dad plays games with the child all day long, and the child only has Dad in his heart", "So it's like this Bye, wait until you buy ten boxes to say goodbye”, “It’s really a simple desire to pee after lifting the toilet lid”, “Even law enforcement requires technology, how can bye be unscientific?”.

However, there are also some netizens who are careful to observe and leave warm messages, thinking that "the box is printed with safety, which is the greatest wish of being a mother."