In less than a year of the


in Ukraine, Russia lost almost as many soldiers as the United States lost in eight years of the war in Vietnam.

As analysts from the Institute for the Study of War calculated, citing American intelligence data in The Sun, the total losses of the Russian military in Ukraine are estimated at 188,000 people as of January 20, which implies the possible

elimination of 47,000 Russians in less than a year.

"The historical ratio of wounded to killed in the war is 3:1, which indicates that Russian losses in Ukraine are currently close to the total number of US casualties in the Vietnam War," the expert report says.

Analysts refer to data from the US National Archives, according to which the number of people killed in the Vietnam War amounted to approximately 58,000 people in eight years of fighting.

According to the General Staff, as of January 22,

Russian losses

in the war against Ukraine amounted to about 120,760 people.

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