Known as the most beautiful forest lantern festival in the country, the "Ryusaki Light Festival: Kongshan Festival" will be held until February 12.

(File photo, photo by reporter Wu Junfeng)

[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] The Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit is approaching. Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe wishes everyone "Want to be successful", and welcomes all Taiwanese to visit Tainan for a few more days and spend hard. You can participate in the Tainan Shopping Festival to grab You can also get a small New Year gift by drawing a light luxury house with a market value of nearly 10 million yuan, and taking a good trip in Taiwan!

Guo Zhenhui, Director of Tourism Bureau, recommends 8 themed itineraries that you can refer to when you go to Tainan for spring. In addition to temples, lantern festivals, art and literature, and in-depth tours, there are also mountain forests, coastal areas, beautiful scenery, and parent-child itineraries. It is suitable for all ethnic groups to travel to Tainan.

Theme 1. I want to see you in the spring of art and literature-wenqing stroll tour; the highlight of the salt water area is the two major lantern festivals of "Moon Art Museum" and "Yuejin Hong Kong Lantern Festival", which will last until February 12.

The Moon Art Museum is exhibited in the historical district of Yanshui, with the theme of "us" to create a better life experience together; the theme of the Yuejin Hong Kong Lantern Festival is "Moonlight in the City", and 75 groups of art by 50 groups of art teams are gathered in the 4 major lighting areas Works, to give you a wonderful visual feast.

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Not to be missed is the "Ryugasaki Light Festival: Sorayama Festival" at Toragatayama Park in Ryugasaki Ward. The event will also last until February 12th.

Theme 2. Stunning tour in the idyllic sea of ​​flowers-Meipai attractions: The cypress forest near Linfengying Jingpupi in Liujia District changes from emerald green to reddish brown every autumn and winter, making people feel as if they are in a foreign country, attracting many handsome netizens to take pictures .

The "2023 Come to Daolikka Songhes to Play Romantic Bald Pine" activity held by the district office lasted on February 28; large areas of cosmos and zinnias were also planted on both sides of Xinyi Road in Yanshui District; plum blossoms, rhododendrons and purple peonies in Meiling District of Nanxi , Mountain cherry blossoms are also in full bloom.

Liuying Deyuanpi Holland Village and Guantian Hulupi Natural Park will hold the "2023 Rabbit Shuangpi Amusement Park" event this year (1/22-1/26).

Theme 3. Walking in the mountains and forests for health-walking and breathing: the Dadong Mountain near Guanziling, where winter plums bloom, and you can overlook the Baihe River, Luliao Reservoir, Chiayi Renyi Lake and Lantan, etc. The complete hiking trail takes about 3 to 5 minutes Hour.

You can also visit Guanziling to soak in mud hot springs, eat bucket chicken, or drink a cup of Dongshan coffee at the landscape restaurant on the 175 Coffee Road; Nanxi Meiling has 4 trail systems, you can also eat plum chicken while enjoying the flowers, and take a dip in the nearby Guidan Hot Spring ; Nanhua District has a circular hiking trail on Longlin Mountain, and Xinhua Hutoupi Scenic Area has the "2023 Hongtu Exhibition Hutoupi Spring Festival" (1/22-1/27); Xinhua Chung Hsing University on the east side of Hutoupi The experimental forest farm is rich in forests, with the most mahogany trees. Walking in the forest can breathe phytoncide.

Theme 4, Seaview Comfortable Ecological Tour-Binhai Check-in Tour: Anping Yuguang Island to the South District Gold Coast, there are nearly 5 kilometers of coastline beaches; Chigu Salt Mountain is a well-known local landmark, with snow-white peaks standing on the coast; the oldest existing tile The Panyantian site is a tiled saltfield at Jingzaijiao, Beimen. In Qigu District, there is a "Black-faced Spoonbill Ecological Exhibition Hall" (closed from 1/20 to 23, and reopened on the 24th) and a bird-watching pavilion on the North Causeway.

Theme 5. Walking Walks and Knowledge Walks-In-depth Tainan Tour: Walking guides that you must not miss when you come to Tainan. During the Chinese New Year, the Tourism Bureau has a total of 12 routes and provides online free reservation guide services, a total of 69 steps.

Theme 6. Visiting the Farm Zoo Area - Family Tour: There are many leisure farms in Tainan with cute animal areas, including Dakeng, Nanyuan Leisure Farm, Zou Ma Lai Farm and Xianhu Leisure Farm, two major tourism and entertainment industries, suitable for all ages Level participation; Liuying Jianshanpi Resort held the "Jade Rabbit Welcomes Spring-Air Cushion Bubble Parent-child Paradise" (1/22-1/25) activity.

Zoumase Farm in Ouchi District has a "New Year Zoumaseji Spring Festival Event" (1/22-1/26); Xuejia Naughty World Wildlife Park also has a "Rabbit Gather Naughty New Year" (now - 1/29) event.

Theme 7. Fucheng Lantern Festival Snacks-Lantern Appreciation Food Tour: The 11th Fucheng Puji Lantern Festival (from now on - 2/11) exhibited 1,600 painted lanterns in Puji Palace and Guohua Street; Fucheng Chenggong Lantern Festival (now From - 2/28) at Zheng Chenggong's Ancestral Temple; 2023 Shennong Street Lantern Festival (from now - 2/28), there will be lantern riddles guessing activities throughout the exhibition period, and a lantern night parade will also be held on February 4, with limited distribution of rabbits Small lanterns for the new year; Nanshi Fire Department also organized the "2023 Vulcan Blessing and Blessing Activity" (from now on - 2/5) in conjunction with the Huode Xingjun of the Dianwu Temple. Add festive atmosphere.

Theme 8. Walking in temples to pray for blessings in spring-religious art tour: There are many well-known religious centers in District 37 of Tainan, where everyone can pray for the New Year. The "Money Wall" where good fortune arrives, to pray for prosperous fortune; there are also Sidian Wu Temple in the Central and Western Districts, the Temple of Heaven at the First Temple, the Grand Tianhou Palace, the Kaijiyu Palace in the North District, the Luermen Notre Dame Temple in Tucheng in Annan District, the Luermen Tianhou Palace, Praying for blessings at Madou Haipuchi Palace, Xinying Taiwo Temple, Nanxi Xuankongfa Temple, Guanziling Daxian Temple, Biyun Temple, Kanding Fu'an Palace and other temples.

During the Spring Festival, there are many lantern displays in downtown Tainan.

The picture shows the Fucheng Puji Lantern Festival, with a total of 1,700 lanterns and the main lantern "Yuanyuan Rongrong Rabbit".

(File photo, photo by reporter Wang Shuxiu)

The Liujia flower sea + the beautiful scenery of falling cypresses, the beautiful pictures taken in spring are amazing.

(File photo, photo by reporter Yang Jincheng)