Showman and military man

Daniel Salem

occasionally shares footage from the frontline with his fans.

One such video on the host's Instagram brought his followers to tears.

In the clip, Salem showed how he swam in a boat with his brothers immediately after a combat mission.

One of Daniel's friends was seriously injured and they tried to give him first aid.

It was at this difficult moment that the servicemen sang the national anthem of Ukraine to raise morale. 

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"The contact battle does not always go smoothly! but our spirit cannot be broken! today the orcs were not sweet! I love you, Ukraine!", Salem wrote under the video.

Poignant shots from the front line could not leave anyone indifferent and brought the showman's fans to tears. 

  • How painful it all is...

  • This video brought tears to my eyes!

  • Hang in there guys!

    May everything be fine with you!

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