By Yuris Norido.

The actor Aramís Delgado has been recognized with the 2023 National Theater Award, according to the decision of a jury that met in Camagüey, the city that hosts the central acts for the Cuban Theater Day.

A relevant itinerary of the Cuban scene is awarded.

He is an actor who has joined well-known Cuban groups.

My congratulations to the great Cuban actor Aramís Delgado, winner of the 2023 National Theater Award. I am sure that this will be an award that Cubans of all generations will celebrate, as Aramís is an actor greatly admired and loved by our people.

A hug.

— Alpidio Alonso Grau (@AlpidioAlonsoG) January 22, 2023

More than fifty institutions made proposals, among which were also nominated Raquel Carrió, Juan González Fife and Míriam Muñoz.

The Gerardo Fulleda León National Theater Award, member of the jury, highlighted the excellent work of Delgado, his sensitivity and charisma.

Camagüey is currently hosting the Ciudad Teatral Conference, a scenic meeting that brings together artists and companies in a program that replaces the National Theater Festival.

(Taken from Cubasi)