In Singapore, a woman fell in love with a suitor from the Internet and transferred $200,000 to him.

The victim believed the man even after the police proved that she was the victim of fraud. writes about it. 

A 40-year-old married mother of three met a suitor on the Internet.

He claimed to be a US military medic who had been wounded by terrorists during a mission in South Sudan.

And now he needs funds for treatment.

The woman transferred 200,000 dollars to the fraudster and borrowed money from friends and family in order to continue sending it to her virtual lover.

When the victim's husband discovered his wife's "affair", he contacted the police.

The law enforcement officers established that the woman was a victim of a swindler, but she did not believe the police and continued to communicate with the "American military doctor."

For three months, the police convinced the victim that she was the victim of a fraudster.

Later, the woman revealed the deception herself. 

The victim lost $200,000, the police managed to freeze another $170,000.

The victim also lost her husband to whom she was married because of the affair.

The police note that any person can become a victim of fraudsters, regardless of the level of education or social status. 

We will remind you that the TikTok user published a video in which she told how she exposed her husband's betrayal.

This happened thanks to one detail in the hotel room where her lover was resting. 

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