In the Kyiv region, due to a huge accumulation of ice on the Desna River, the water rose several meters, TSN reports. 

The State Emergency Service reports that because of this, several dozen households in the Brovary district, in particular, in the villages of Pukhivka, Zazimya, and Rozhny, have been flooded.

Some houses can only be reached by wading.  

In Zazimya and other areas, for the second day now, the emergency services together with the military have been breaking the ice using explosives.

500 kilograms of TNT have already been spent, it helps for a while, the flow is restored, but traffic jams in different parts of the river are formed again and again, so even icebreakers had to be used.

The situation is the same in other communities, in particular in Puhivka.

There, the water level in Desna rose by 3-8 meters, overflowed its banks and began to flood houses.

Yards located closer to the river suffer the most. 

Locals say that the water began to rise very rapidly.

People are trying to save their property, livestock, beehives.

It is not possible to pump out the water with pumps, so in order to save as many houses as possible, the residents create barriers with their own hands so that the water cannot reach their homes.

"Rescue services were saying over the loudspeaker that everyone should evacuate, because everything will be flooded.

Panic went, kipish.

Half of Pukhivka left, many animals remained here," says one of the locals. 

People are advised to move important things to the mountain, turn off electricity and gas, take care of the elderly and animals.

In case of deterioration of the situation, evacuate to safer places.

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