The militarization of "Starlink" has been upgraded to "Star Shield", and three major projects have been tailored for the US military to strengthen national security.

The picture shows a schematic diagram of the "Starlink" satellite.

(taken from SpaceX website)

[Compilation of Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report] The space news website "SpaceNews" reported on the 19th that Musk's SpaceX company is expanding the world's leading "Starlink" (Starlink) satellite technology to the military field, and has developed a system called "Starlink". Starshield's new business beyond the commercial field, with the goal of strengthening national security, uses the Starlink satellite network in low-Earth orbit to meet the growing needs of the US defense and intelligence agencies.

Unlike "Starlink", which is designed for consumer and commercial use, "Star Shield" mainly provides services such as earth observation, secure communication, and hosted payloads (Hosted Payloads) for the military and government departments. The third area, In effect, the company's satellites (the main body of the spacecraft) are offered to government customers as a flexible platform.

"Star Shield" can cooperate with the space sensing and communication service projects required by the national defense and intelligence agencies to win innovative orders in the field of space defense in the future.

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After the "Starlink" played a key communication role in the Ukrainian-Russian War, SpaceX became more confident in its low-orbit satellite system, and quietly launched the "Star Shield" service at the end of last year.

SpaceX revealed that "Star Shield" can provide "processed space telemetry images, realize secure communication through inter-satellite laser links, and assist customers with satellite launch and management requirements", and continue to use "Starlink" satellites to operate.

The report pointed out that the "Star Shield" project obviously draws on the company's successful experience in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, proving that the "Starlink" system can operate well in the theater, and can even resist the enemy's electromagnetic and network attacks, far beyond expectations of the U.S. military.

So the U.S. Air Force has also purchased Starlink communications services to support troops in Europe and Africa.

SpaceX emphasized that the company has a close relationship with the U.S. military and the intelligence community, and has gained a lot of expertise and information through the "Starlink" operating experience.

It is worth noting that after the "Starlink" was put into Ukraine, there were few cases of disconnection or hacking.

The report quoted analysts as saying that SpaceX has used the experience of "Starlink" to build professional capabilities for mass production of precision satellites, which means that in the future, "Starshield" may use tailor-made "Starlink" satellites and antennas, and can Provide relevant services to customers through purchase or lease contracts.