The occupiers are still under the impression of the consequences of the attack on the gathering of mobilized people in Makiivka.

The Russians discuss the reasons that led to this and measures that would help protect the military from death.

This is 


 in the telephone conversation of the occupier with a friend, which was intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence.

The occupier notes that the attack on Makiivka is "full of bullshit", but admits that there have been similar attacks before.

"Everything could have been done competently there and people would not have been put under attack. They would have placed people in the forest, b**h... But there they simply placed everyone and everything in the old vocational school, *fight as you like," the invader complained.

The Russian shared his own thoughts that caused the incident.

In particular, he admitted that there are many pro-Ukrainian citizens among the local residents of Donbas who "surrender" the positions of the occupiers to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"There are many reasons. The reason is that they placed people close to the front. The reason is that they placed people, BC, transport and fuel in one area. The reason is also that they called (mobilized. - ed.). A large crowd of people. The reason is that that there are locals who "surrender" - take photos, shoot videos and send them to whoever needs them. And they are already striking," says the occupier.

We will remind you that on New Year's Eve, at exactly midnight, the building of the former technical school in occupied Makiivka was destroyed.

About 600 occupiers died as a result of the attack.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia recognized 89 dead soldiers.

The surviving soldiers of the command of the Russian Federation wanted to send them on the offensive in order to destroy them as unwanted witnesses.

At first, Russian propaganda tried to shift the blame to the "Mobics" themselves, claiming that a large gathering of Russian soldiers in the premises of the destroyed vocational training school showed alleged active use of mobile phones. 

In the meantime, the Internet published a photo of the occupiers of the Makiivka vocational school in front of the "cotton factory".

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