On Sunday, January 22, there will be no significant precipitation

in most regions of

Ukraine .

Only in Transcarpathia and in the Carpathians there is a little sleet and rain.

This was reported in the Ukrhydrometeorological center.

It is noted that there will be fog in places at night and in the morning in the western and southern regions.

Wind - southeast and east, 7-12 m/s.

At night, in most regions, the air temperature will be from 2° of heat to 3° of frost.

In the east and in the Carpathians - 1-6 degrees of frost.

During the day in Ukraine they promise up to 5° of heat.

However, in most western and southern regions it will be +4-9°.

In Transcarpathia and the south of Odesa, thermometers will rise to 12°C.

Photo: Ukrhydrometeorological center

Weather forecast for Kyiv region 

It will be cloudy in Kyiv and the region on Sunday.

No significant precipitation.

The speed of the southeast wind is 7-12 m/s. 

At night, the air temperature in the region will be from 2° of heat to 3° of frost, and during the day up to 5° of heat.

In Kyiv, it is around 0° at night, and +1-3° during the day.

We will remind you that due to the abnormal winter

, spring flowers bloomed in the Carpathians and even bears woke up.

Because of the warm weather, processes occurred that do not correspond to the calendar season.

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