The rental car clipped the license plate on the national highway, but was spotted by the police on the spot in the rest area.

(Photographed by reporter Cai Zhangsheng)

[Reporter Cai Zhangsheng/Hsinchu Report] National Highway Police Bamboo Forest Squad discovered a suspicious rental car in the Kansai rest area on National Highway No. 3 late at night on the 20th. After investigation, the car actually sandwiched the altered license plate in front of the original license plate. The intention was unknown, and the police arrested it on the spot The suspect is the owner of the car surnamed Chen, and the whole case is being investigated in depth.

Officers Wu Xiangxin, Yang Xiuyi, Lin Jingxiang, and Wu Chongming of the Zhulin Branch of the Sixth Highway Police Brigade of the National Highway Police Bureau seized Chen Nan (42 years old) driving a rental car in the Kansai service area 76 kilometers south of National Highway No. 3 late at night on the 20th. The number of the car was obviously different. After an investigation, it was found that the license plate had been altered and clipped to the original license plate with a long tail clip. It was then driven on a national highway. It was suspected of using forged special documents. The case was referred to the Hsinchu District Prosecutor’s Office for investigation.

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The police stated that in view of the fact that forged license plates have not only become a criminal weapon for unscrupulous criminals, but also caused innocent people to receive "oolong fines" and disturbed the public, causing troubles to the supervisory unit, the police and the public.

The police hereby appeal to the public that if they receive an oolong ticket or receive an inexplicable eTag deduction and suspect that the license plate has been forged or fraudulently used, it is recommended that the victims report to the police first to prevent the forged license plate from continuing to drive on the road, and report to the supervisor The agency handles "replacement of lost license plates"; relevant fines and eTag deductions can be appealed to the Jurisdiction Center for Traffic Incidents and the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Communications respectively.

The police once again reiterated that the use of forged, altered or obtained license plates, as well as the use of license plates for other vehicles or driving with other vehicle license plates, and the use of revoked or canceled license plates for driving will result in a fine of NT$3,600-10,800. Both the license and the driving license are issued by the highway supervision agency. They are official documents, but they are only the permits for driving. If the driver's license is used for driving a vehicle on the road, if it is seized by the police, it will be enough to damage the correctness of the management of the supervisory authority and the licensee, and it will violate Article 216 and Article 212 of the Criminal Law for the crime of forging special documents.