German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius ordered to check the stocks of Leopard 1 and Leopard 2 battle tanks, which the minister's predecessor, Christine Lambrecht, had forbidden to check.

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This is reported by Business Insider.

According to the publication, while serving as the head of the Ministry of Defense, Lambrecht deliberately did not conduct an inspection of weapons in advance due to 

fears that the inventory of tanks would indicate Germany's plans to transfer them to Ukraine


Therefore, Lambrecht banned such an inspection a week before her resignation.

As for the possible reasons, a source from the German Ministry of Defense said that

Chancellor Olaf Scholz should not be put under additional pressure

regarding the supply of tanks.

"If it turned out that the Bundeswehr was counting its operational tanks, this could be interpreted as a readiness to deliver the tanks. They allegedly wanted to avoid such an impression, especially since the chancellery allegedly did not at that time issue a corresponding official order for the inspection to the Ministry of Defense," it is said in the material of the publication.

We will remind, following the results of the meeting in the "Ramstein" format, Pistorius announced that the participants could not agree and make a decision on the supply of Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

At the same time, the minister said that he ordered an inspection of these tanks in Germany. 

Pistorius also noted that Germany is ready to speed up the transfer of tanks to Ukraine if it has appropriate agreements with its allies.

At the same time, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, announced that some countries that have Leopard 2 tanks had reached an agreement in Ramstein on the start of training courses for the Ukrainian military.  

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