The occupiers mined the entire captured territory of Luhansk region.

This prevents the Ukrainian military from acting quickly.

Therefore, the Armed Forces are slowly but surely approaching Kreminnaya.

Serhii Gaidai, head of the Luhansk OVA, said this on the air of the FreeDom TV channel.

According to him, enemy mining of territories is almost the biggest problem for the Armed Forces today.

The Russians send prisoners to attack even through minefields.

The occupiers use their bodies to pave their way, and the dead are left to die on the battlefield.

We are talking, in particular, not only about personnel soldiers, but also about "Wagnerians".

In addition, the Russians constantly transfer additional reserves there, because they understand that the front line is approaching Kreminnaya.

The Russians use the Lysychansky Refinery as a bridgehead.

According to Gaidai, it will take more than 10 years for the demining of Luhansk Region after de-occupation.

"However, we will start restoration work right away - all services are waiting for a command from the Ukrainian military," Gaidai noted.

It will be recalled that British intelligence named the three directions of the most active battles at the front.

Thus, during the last days, active fighting continues near Kreminnaya, Bakhmut and in the Zaporizhzhia region.

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