The leader of the aggressor country of Russia, Vladimir Putin, awarded the title of "hero" to Russian FSB agent Vasiliev.

A solemn award ceremony for services to the homeland was held for him, although it was already posthumous.

Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, blogger Anatoly Shtefan "Stirlitz" reported this in Telegram

According to Stirlitz, apparently, Putin rewarded his religious "attache" for the murder of Ukrainian citizens.

"Here in Muscovy, FSB agent Vasiliev was awarded the title of 'hero' for killing Ukrainians. Will you go to the FSB branch in Ukraine again on Sunday - to the Moscow priests?" he wrote.

The Russian pip was remembered for recommending Russian women to give birth more in order to send their children to war.

In November 2022, it was eliminated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine during one of the missile strikes on the positions of the occupiers.

It will be recalled that in the village of Neklyudov, Belgorod region, at the funeral of an elderly woman, a local priest attacked people with threats.

Bayushka threatened all those present to "smash the pikes with incense." 

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