Large-scale protests are taking place in France over proposed pension reforms.

APA reports with reference to the international press that on January 19, at least 1.1 million people protested on the streets of Paris and other French cities against the background of nationwide strikes against plans to increase the retirement age, but President Emmanuel Macron says he will continue the proposed pension reforms.

Emboldened by the mass protests, French trade unions have announced new strikes and protests will continue throughout January.

They announced that another big action will be held on January 31.

The protest strikes have severely disrupted public transport and many schools have been closed.

In the French cities of Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille and Toulouse, train drivers, public sector workers and oil refinery workers also joined the actions.

During the protests in Paris, there were clashes between the police and protesters, and 38 protesters were arrested.

President Macron, who has insisted on the reform, says the measure is needed to keep the pension system financially sustainable, but unions say it threatens workers.