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Since the approval by the Council of Ministers, last October, of a plan with directives, aimed at preventing and confronting crime, corruption, illegalities and social indiscipline, in the province of Holguín it was adequate, to the particularities of the territory,

an action program, which although in the eyes of many has not yet been as effective as the moment demands

, the truth is that it has not been idly by in the face of a problem that affects a majority of the population .

We must start from the fact that the current panorama of shortages has generated in Holguín

an increase in illegal activities related to basic necessities

, such as food, in the first place and personal and household hygiene items;

medicines and everything line, to which the usual crooks can remove flakes without sweating their shirt.

Faced with this indisputable reality

, very specific measures have been determined, such as Resolution 200 of the Governor of the province and others

, in which a multisectoral group is involved that concentrates its efforts on stopping criminal demonstrations and others, which cause so much damage and anger the public. town.

During systematic checks of the main actions deployed by the agencies, the fight against speculative and abusive prices, the diversion of merchandise, illegalities and indiscipline is known.

For example,

at the end of 2022, the Provincial Inspection Directorate imposed some 53,335 fines

, with the amount of more than 43,468,000 pesos;

288 seizures, for the value of 2 million 216,769 pesos, 35 findings, mainly products that were delivered to provincial hospitals, Homes for Children without Family Protection and other health centers.

In this year the figures are also significant and they speak of the fact that we have not been contemplative or passive


However, in our view, apart from the real situation of shortages and the felt need of the population, given the scarcity of certain essential products, there are several objective and subjective problems that foster criminal activity, illegalities and corruption.

We start in the first place from the escape or diversion that exists in many production centers, supplying organizations, processing centers and others, from which raw materials, food and deficit items are subtracted.

Let's take a single case: the wholesale sale of chicken eggs at prices ranging between 1,200 and 1,600 a file and not in one place but in almost all the neighborhoods of the city of Holguín you can see the cartons of that demanded product or people proclaiming the "tempting" food without the slightest modesty.

Clarify that it is not the brown shell egg that is most seen on the street, but the white, the commercial one, the largest of 48 grams, that is, the chosen one.

Then it will be so difficult to know where it comes from or to which organisms this food is assigned.

It is to follow the thread until you reach the tip.

At the same time that today there is a call to strengthen control, inspection and touch with the hands and check in situ each asset placed by the State to an establishment, entity or body, to fulfill its corporate purpose.

On the other hand, I think that although today the work of the inspectors in the majority of the municipalities and the province has been ensured, this imposing body alone cannot and will not solve the problem, one day going to a place and probing , fine, confiscate until etcetera, this combat is of every day and of all.

There must be systematic surveillance and intervention tasks, but, even more, joint and consistent action with other organizations and with means, such as transportation, so that this force can effectively carry out its task, as well as fortify that group in number and professionalism.

In addition, in a general sense, it is necessary to gain organization and control when selling necessary products as established by the Governor in Resolution 200;

disorder and little sense of belonging also generate indiscipline.

Today it is necessary to have a long light, foreseeable capacity and have prepared and capable people in strategic places

, which are decisive when it comes to organizing processes and seeking solutions to the many problems that the people of Holguin encounter every day.

Going around the bush will not be the definitive remedy to this fight, which the country's highest leadership has called and also summons the main authorities of the province;

nor will it be to not reveal corrupt and unethical attitudes of those who must protect and enforce the Law.

And in this aspect we make an aside, since

there are many stories of gifts to some officials and inspectors or of other attitudes incompatible with their social responsibility, but how many denounce them?

It is not revolutionary to cover up what was wrongly done or play along with a corrupt person.

On the other hand, the prevention plan is established, but it must be systematic and forceful;

because while it is confiscated on the one hand, the check-up meetings and press releases are held on the other, on social networks and in the streets we continue to be spectators, and many times even participate -without wanting to be-, of all this chain of illegalities , which continues to grow and, each time, becomes more difficult to break.

We are summoned to quickly restore legality and good social behavior, let us then do what corresponds to each one.

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