Tomorrow, January 22, in the Orthodox calendar

is the day of memory of Saint Eustratius


He lived in the 9th century, was born in the city of Tarsa in a rich and pious family.

When the young man was only 20 years old, he left his parents' home, undertook feats and lived in a holy monastery.

There, Eustratius slept on bare boards, prayed incessantly, ate bread and water.

Later, Eustratius was elected abbot.

He performed many miracles during his life.

And before his death, he commanded his brothers not to succumb to any temptations, not to strive for earthly goods, but to believe in the Lord and a bright future.

Signs of January 22

Folk signs on January 22 / Photo: Pexels

  • crows are sitting on the tops of trees - there will be severe frosts;

  • the cat is looking for a warm place before it gets cold;

  • if the cat lies belly up - there will be warming;

  • sunny and clear for a good harvest this year.

What can't be done tomorrow

The Church recommends not to be idle on this day.

However, it is also not worth working anyway, because the saints can punish a person for laziness.

It is also forbidden to slander, swear, gossip, quarrel.

What can be done tomorrow

Among our ancestors, January 22 was called "the day when Saints were washed away."

That is, on this day they began general cleaning in the house after all the winter holidays.

They also visited the bathhouse and did laundry.

On this day, many proverbs say that cleaning the house helps to attract well-being and happiness.

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