Last week, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin suffered two of his biggest hardware defeats for the first time in his 23 years in power.

This opinion was expressed by the Russian publicist and oppositionist Andriy Piontkovskyi on Espresso.

"The first is on the night of January 10-11, when Shoigu and Gerasimov came to him and demanded that Surovikin be immediately fired in order to reinstate Gerasimov,

and Putin obeyed

. And the second, when Prigozhin came to him two days later with the opposite demand, to stop" program of discrediting" by the General Staff of Wagner's "heroic fighters" and issuing an official statement about their "feats". After such two defeats, he is no longer the same person,

he is no longer perceived by the apparatus as a F├╝hrer

. In the criminal world, and now we see in the Russian the political and military elite is precisely the criminal community," the oppositionist said.

In this situation, Piontkovskyi calls Putin 

"a downtrodden ploughman." 

 In addition, he noted that after Putin's hardware defeats, the founder of PMK "Wagner" Prigozhin only became arrogant and started a fight against the top military leadership and traitors in the Kremlin administration.

"A lowered plow is no longer a plow, but here a plow is also lowered twice a week. In addition, Prigozhin only became arrogant about this and launched an attack not only on the military leadership, on officials in the General Staff, but also on traitors in the presidential administration." - added Piontkovsky.

Gryznia in the Kremlin

According to Ukrainian intelligence, disputes are intensifying in the circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin against the background of the successes of the Armed Forces in the war.

The closest entourage of the head of the Kremlin already understands that "Putin's end is determined."

The GUR is confident that these contradictions in the Kremlin leadership will continue.

The head of the Bellingcat intelligence community, Hristo Grozev, reported the emergence of a confrontation between Prigozhin and Putin, the first stage of which was the release of Surovikin.

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