Overseas concert 2023

 Thai fans who love international music

Get ready to meet the opening of a new era of foreign concerts in Thailand "

Cigarettes After Sex Asia 2023 Tour Live in Bangkok

", an indie band loved by teenagers.

Which is regarded as the best band to create a mesmerizing and floating atmosphere

Why is it popular with Thai teenagers?

Thairath Online will bring you the answer.

What kind of music do you know about the band "Cigarettes After Sex"?

Cigarettes After Sex

is an American indie band.

Formed in 2008, the band currently consists of three members: Greg Gonzalez (lead vocals and guitar), Jacob Tomsky (drums) and Randall Miller (bass). They became known for their song Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby.

Followed by many other songs such as Affection, Apocalypse, Sweet and Pistol.

Cigarettes After Sex

's music

defines itself as dream pop, an "


" style of music characterized by the use of instrumental sounds and vocals.

brought to create a soundtrack that invites mesmerizing floating atmosphere

Until making the song of 

Cigarettes After Sex

become a song that fans

They say that it's smooth and dreamy.

The cutting-edge romantic lyrics make you feel so immersed and soaring at the same time.

"Cigarettes After Sex" concert tickets sold out in Thailand

Even though it's not the first time that 

Cigarettes After Sex

has traveled to tour and open a full show in Thailand, because in 2018 they had made an impression that it was talked about a lot.


The comeback this time under the name 

Cigarettes After Sex Asia 2023 Tour Live in Bangkok 

by indie favorite organizer "

Be Hear Now

" has created a completely sold out phenomenon.

Guaranteed popularity among the new generation

Especially for Thai indie music fans.

which is a group of music listeners that gradually

keep growing

For those who have 

Cigarettes After Sex

concert tickets in hand, prepare your card tightly.

Let's go and see them at Moonstar Studio 8 on Friday, January 27, 2023. It's considered a foreign concert in Thailand that should find an opportunity to watch the concert with your own eyes and ears once.