It seems that a black cat ran

between TV presenter

Slava Dyomin

and choreographer

Vlad Yama .

Unexpectedly for himself, the showman found out that the dancer blocked him on Instagram.

However, Demin did not understand what caused such an act. 

"It was an unexpected discovery for me that I was blocked on the choreographer's Instagram. Although we last talked, probably in the summer, and nothing foreshadowed trouble. To be honest, I never understood why I fell out of favor with Vlad, because his wife Liliya me didn't block," Demin shared on his YouTube. 

The TV presenter suggested that the reason could be the last interview with Yama, in which he talked about his temporary move to the USA during the war.

In order to find out the situation, Demin, according to him, wrote to the choreographer in private messages on Telegram, but he still did not receive an answer. 

"I wrote to Yami personally, but I didn't get an answer. Vlad, I don't understand why you blocked me. But, actually, it's a big insult, because not only I was blocked, but also my 12-year-old son, which surprised me even more . I am always in favor of communication and believe that in all conflicts it is important to communicate and clarify all issues, so I am still waiting for the Government's answer," said Demin.

We will remind you that recently Slavy Dyomin had a


with showman Ruslan Khanumak after he filed for divorce.

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