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Today, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church honors the memory of St.

Euthymius - Patriarch of Turnovsky.


Euthymius, Patriarch of Tarnovo, was born around 1327 into a noble family from the old Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo.

At a very young age, he joined the monastic brotherhood of the Kilifarev Monastery, led by Theodosius Turnovski.

At that time, the monastery was a famous literary center of great importance for Medieval Bulgaria and other Slavic peoples.

Prominent theologians, writers and historians studied there together with Euthymius, writes BTA.

Then the young Euthymius studied for a long time in Byzantium, but disappointed he returned to his homeland and secluded himself in a cave, not far from Veliko Tarnovo.

He built the "Holy Trinity" church there.

His disciples gathered around her and founded a monastery.

In it, Euthymius undertakes the responsible task of improving the Bulgarian spelling based on the language of the First Teachers - the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius.

He carried out a linguistic reform, building and establishing a literary language, consciously removed from spoken speech, through which "the art of weaving words" reached perfection.

Patriarch Evtimii Turnovski is also considered one of the most prominent medieval Bulgarian translators. 

After his election as patriarch in 1375, Euthymius continued to develop literary activities.

He translated liturgies, composed lives of Bulgarian saints, jealously guarded the Orthodox heritage from heretical encroachments, cared for the poor and suffering.

He also reformed the Bulgarian liturgical books in order to make them more understandable and reach the minds and hearts of the faithful.

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When Veliko Tarnovo fell into slavery in 1393, Patriarch Euthymius remained as the last defender of the Bulgarian Orthodox faith and state.

Because of his courage he was sentenced to death, but a miracle happened and when the Turkish executioner raised his hand to cut him, his hand went numb and the sword fell to the ground.

The last Bulgarian patriarch was exiled and died around 1402.


Patriarch Evtimii Turnovski was canonized by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in the 15th century and has since been included in its holiday calendar, and on January 20 his memory is also honored by other Orthodox churches.

In our country, the holiday is especially solemnly celebrated in the "Holy Trinity" monastery near Veliko Tarnovo, where the saint worked with his companions.