The President of Moldova, Maya Sandu, asks the allies to strengthen the country's air defense capabilities.

According to her, Moscow is trying to destabilize her country.

Sandu said this at the World Economic Forum in Davos, writes Reuters.

"We understand that Ukraine is a priority, but we also hope to get some," the president said.

She emphasized that the country's military budget had been increased.

The Moldovan government is currently negotiating with the EU and other allies regarding air defense systems. 

The country's leader emphasized that the Russian Federation is trying to use its influence on the separatist movement in Transnistria to destabilize the rest of the country.

However, Sandu noted, the Kremlin has not yet succeeded in such efforts.

"Russia really tried to mobilize corrupt groups in Moldova and pro-Russian parties with the aim of overthrowing the government, parliament and presidency, and this does not mean that it has given up, but so far we have managed to maintain stability," says the president.

Missiles on the territory of Moldova

On January 14, 2023, Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine.

Later, in Moldova, the border patrol 

discovered the wreckage of a missile in the Brychan district,

 which borders Ukraine.

The discovery was also reported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova.

Also, on December 5, 

a rocket fell near the city of Brychen


Her remains were discovered by a Moldovan border guard in an orchard.