Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng inspected the travel situation at Taoyuan High Speed ​​Rail Station this morning.

(Photo by reporter Chen Jingmin)

[Reporter Chen Jingmin/Taoyuan Report] The nine-in-one election at the end of last year turned the green space of Taoyuan City into blue sky. Mayor Zhang Shanzheng inspected the high-speed rail Taoyuan Station travel situation this morning. In response to media inquiries about how different parties in power between the local government and the central government should fight for project funds?

Zhang Shanzheng said that from the news, I saw that the chances of former mayor Zheng Wencan serving in the central government are very high. If it is true, Zheng’s concern for Taoyuan should be the same. Whether he is in Taoyuan, or Zheng Weiwei is in the central government, or the heads of other ministries, I believe they all care about the development of Taoyuan. After all, Taoyuan is the gate of the country, and if Taoyuan develops well, it will bring glory to Taiwan.

In addition, people from all walks of life pay attention to the 100-day political achievements, and they are compared with their predecessors by the Democratic Progressive Party. In this regard, Zhang said, such as the free nutritious lunches for elementary and middle schools that are going to be promoted, or the three-day gift money for the elderly, or that can be implemented after school starts. Kindergarten bursaries are on the road one after another. The hundred-day performance is the test that all chiefs have to face. The city government must do what it needs to do step by step. As for the interference of the green camp, he doesn't care about it. Just do what you do.

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As for announcing the progress of the general inspection of public works, Zhang Shanzheng said that it is proceeding step by step. There are three major projects mentioned earlier, which were recently included in new projects. Yesterday, Li Hongyuan, the general counsel of the Public Works Physical Examination Committee, led a team of scholars and experts to the Cultural Park in Pingzhen District The underground parking lot has been surveyed and preliminary conclusions have been drawn. Li has pointed out that there are too many problems in the structural design.

Zhang Shanzheng said that the inspection of the quality of past projects cannot be completed in one or two days. There is a considerable professional component in it, and we should not rush to find out the real reason before reporting to the public.

As for the issue of public works in Taoyuan City, is it related to the burden of the green camp?

Zhang Shanzheng said that he would not specifically say what the burden is. Engineering is a very deep specialty. The city government will start from the specialty to find out where the problem is, whether it is a system problem, such as insufficient manpower and cannot check in detail. Before the conclusion, I will not say that what will happen when the green battalion is in power. It is too early to say this at present.