Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that some incredibly talented people will have to say goodbye.

New Delhi :

Google's parent company Alphabet will lay off 12,000 employees worldwide.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, has sent an


to Google employees today .

In this letter, he has expressed confidence to help the affected employees.

He has regretted Google's decision to lay off.   

Sundar Pichai has told the employees working in America that we will pay the employees during the entire notification period (minimum 60 days).

We are offering a severance package starting from 16 weeks salary.

Apart from this, Google will include two weeks salary for each additional year of service.

GSU vesting of at least 16 weeks will be expedited. 

He has said, "We will pay the 2022 bonus and the rest of the holidays."

We will provide healthcare services, placement assistance and immigration assistance to the affected people for six months.

Sundar Pichai has said that, "Employees outside the US will be helped according to local policies."

In an e-mail addressed to Google employees, Sundar Pichai has said, "I have bitter news to share.

We have decided to reduce about 12,000 jobs in our workforce.

We have already sent a separate email to affected US employees.

In other countries, the process will take longer due to local laws and practices.

He has said, "This would mean saying goodbye to some incredibly talented people who we worked hard to hire and loved working with."

I am very sorry for this.

The fact is that these changes will affect the lives of Googlers.

This decision weighs heavy on me.

I take full responsibility for the decisions that have led us to this position."

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