Atayal Museum.

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[Reporter Peng Jianli/Miaoli Report] Where to go during the Spring Festival holiday?

The Hakka Culture Development Center of the Hakka Committee in Miaoli County and the Taiwan Hakka Culture Museum and the Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum, the Atayal Museum and the Saisia ​​Museum under the Miaoli County Government will be open as usual except for the New Year’s Eve (January 21). Activities, invite tourists to Miaoli for spring enjoyment.

The Hakka Cultural Development Center is planning the "Spring Comes Welcome" event. The Taiwan Hakka Cultural Center will be transformed into a "Hake New Year Village" from the first day to the fifth day of the new year (22nd to 26th). , the erudite and hospitable master Nan, the beautiful aunt who loves to take beautiful photos, and the kind and good uncle, invite the public to visit the scenes of ordinary people full of New Year's atmosphere, and introduce Hakka literature, master's words, Hakka blessings and other learning through immersive games .

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These scenes correspond to "Creative Lucky Bag Handmade", "Dangqing Sui Lingzi-Puzzle Solving Game", "Hostel Post Office - Meipai New Year Flying Post", "Hand Puppet New Year Greeting Card DIY", "Putting Tricks - Immersive Theater ", "Parent-child Interactive Hand Puppet Show", "Lucky Lucky Mail Draw Lucky Bag", "Walking Spring Sketching & Coloring", "Blessings with Good Words and Getting Fortune Gold" and other themed activities.

Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum invites 54 woodcarving artists to respond to the Spring Festival of the Rabbit, and holds the "Raining Rabbit Exhibition", which is the first and largest themed pocket wood carving joint exhibition in Taiwan. Yulin Solo Exhibition", etc.

In addition, from the third day to the fifth day of the Lunar New Year (24th to 26th), rookie woodcarvers are invited to create and perform live.

According to the County Government Culture and Tourism Bureau, the Sanyi Longteng Broken Bridge is a popular tourist attraction, and it is also a place for riding bicycles on the Jiushan Line. In order to cope with the continuous crowds, it will control the 7K+500 of the Township Road Miao Line 49 from January 22 to 29. The mileage is limited to one-way southbound passenger cars, and buses are prohibited from entering.

The Saisiyat Folk Museum and the Atayal Museum will suspend ticket fees during the Spring Festival holiday, and there will be aboriginal art performances from the first day to the sixth day of the Lunar New Year (22nd to 27th).

In addition, the Saisiyat Folklore Museum is located in the Xiangtian Lake Tribe in Donghe Village, Nanzhuang Township. There are wild cherry blossoms planted in the surrounding area, and you can enjoy the scenery of mountains and rivers in spring. Hot spring foot bathing experience area, etc.

Saisha Museum.

(provided by the county government)

Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum invites 54 wood carving artists to respond to the Chinese New Year of the Year of the Rabbit, and holds the "Rambling Rabbit Exhibition".

(provided by the county government)