Taitung District Court.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang/Taitung Report] Three years ago, a man surnamed Dong Niang Qiu, a well-known restaurant in Taitung, was pulled by a man surnamed Lin by her husband's former special assistant, accusing her of "breach of trust and occupation of real estate" by name.

After Dongniang Qiu sued for defamation, the judge of the Taitung District Court believed that Lin Nan could not prove the content of the allegations, and even if they were true, they did not involve public interests. He was sentenced to 3 months in prison and fined by Yike.

This well-known hotel has many chain hotels in Taitung. The former special assistant surnamed Lin was the right-hand man of the chairman surnamed Lin, but due to a real estate dispute more than 20 years ago, he went to court.

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The verdict pointed out that after Nan Lin purchased a piece of real estate in Taitung City in the late 1980s, he failed to repay his own loan, so the real estate in this case was seized and auctioned by the court, and then Ms. Qiu auctioned it for 4.607 million yuan and obtained the ownership.

However, Lin Nan said that when the real estate in this case was foreclosed, he had agreed with Qiu Nv that he would borrow 4.5 million yuan from Qiu, and that Qiu would act as his head to make the auction for the real estate in this case, and then move the real estate in this case The transfer of ownership was returned to him. However, Ms. Qiu has not fully fulfilled the agreement to transfer the ownership of the real estate in this case for 20 years. Lin Nan was dissatisfied. In 109 years, he hung white cloth strips on 13 streets, calling out Ms. Qiu for breach of faith , Encroachment on real estate, damage to Ms. Qiu's personality, reputation and social evaluation.

Dong Niang, surnamed Qiu, denied that there was an agreement with Lin Nan, and Dong Zuo, surnamed Lin, testified in court that his wife did not intervene in the house and it was entirely he who handled the matter.

Lin Nan confessed to hanging the white cloth in the court hearing, but he argued that this was a public issue. Qiu Ms. was Mrs. Dong and served as a director and supervisor of several hotels.

The judge held that Lin Nan did not prove that he had an agreement with Ms. Qiu to register the real estate under the name of this case and to borrow 4.5 million yuan.

In this case, the first paragraph of Article 310, Paragraph 3 of the Criminal Law does not apply to the impunity for those who can prove the truth of the defamed matter.