It is pointed out that President Tsai Ing-wen will consult former Vice President Chen Chien-jen to take over as Premier.

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Vice presidents Lin Jialong and Zheng Wencan called for the high-tech cabinet team to position itself after the year

[Reporter Su Yongyao/Taipei Report] Premier Su Zhenchang submitted his resignation again yesterday. The Presidential Palace responded that the adjustment of the cabinet will be initiated during the Lunar New Year. The new cabinet team will be positioned as soon as possible after the new year.

President Tsai Ing-wen no longer condolences to Su Kui, and the cabinet is expected to undergo a major reshuffle.

It is pointed out that President Tsai will consult former Vice President Chen Chien-jen to take over as the Chief Executive; as for the candidates for Vice Cabinet Kui, former Minister of Transportation Lin Jialong and former Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan have higher voices.

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Su Kui resigned again yesterday, hoping to let the president start a new situation

In response to Su Kui's resignation again, the Presidential Palace confirmed that President Su met with President Tsai in the presidential palace yesterday and resigned to the President again, expressing the hope that the President will have a broad space to start a new situation for the country and allow Taiwan to move forward.

Tsai Ing-wen expressed her heartfelt thanks to Dean Su through Facebook last night, especially during the four-plus years of Su Kui's term of office, more than three years have been shrouded in the global century-old pandemic, and the global political and economic situation is going through a major crisis. At the same time, it has also experienced a century-old drought brought about by extreme climate.

Whenever faced with difficult times, President Su is a key force supporting the stability of the country, leading the administrative team to go all out, and with the joint efforts of all the people in Taiwan, Taiwan has survived.

Regarding the cabinet reshuffle, Tsai Ing-wen also said that next, the ruling team will start the cabinet adjustment operation during the Lunar New Year.

And after the Chinese New Year, let the new cabinet team be positioned quickly in the shortest possible time, so that various state affairs can be seamlessly integrated and smoothly promoted.

She also said that the Lunar New Year is coming, and there is a government, so please rest assured.

The current cabinet team will stick to their posts responsibly until the last moment, and will not relax for a moment. Government services will not be closed.

President Tsai did not stay with Su Kui anymore, and Su's cabinet will enter a "caretaker" stage before resigning.

It is pointed out that President Tsai will conduct intensive consultations in the near future and start the cabinet reshuffle.

In addition to the chief and deputy Ge Kui, former Keelung mayor Lin Youchang is also expected to join the cabinet. At present, the voice of taking over as the Minister of Transportation is still relatively high.

Insiders in the party believe that the remaining one-year term of Tsai’s term is quite limited, and the new cabinet should have a clear policy axis and be able to be closer to the needs of the people.

The personnel of the military and the national security system may be adjusted simultaneously

This wave of personnel reorganization will extend to the presidential palace and the national security system. Zheng Wencan and Lin Jialong, who are highly sought after as deputy cabinet ministers, will be taken over by the high-level officials. One of them will be considered as the secretary general of the presidential palace.

In addition to the personnel of the military and the national security system, the president also intends to readjust the combat power through this reorganization process. It is expected that during the Lunar New Year, the relevant personnel will gradually become clear.