Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ridiculed the threats of the Deputy Head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev about the use of nuclear weapons against the background of heavy weapons deliveries to Ukraine.

During the "Ukrainian Breakfast" in Davos, the British politician stated that Putin has apparently come under "economic paralysis": he feels that the ground is slipping away from under his feet, which is why his henchmen are spreading unrealistic threats.

This is reported by UNIAN.

"He (Putin - ed.) will not use nuclear weapons, he will never do it, but he wants us to think so. He has economic paralysis at the moment, he is losing the ground under him," said the British ex-prime minister.

Johnson urged not to believe such threats, because the use of nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation would undermine Putin's relations with India and China, and the dictator cannot do that.

"Focus on Ukraine, not on Putin. We need to support Ukraine, give it the necessary tools to win... HIMARS has become a very effective weapon, give them tanks!" - urged the former head of the British government.

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