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The Ministry of Education and Science suggests that students rank their wishes in the first, third and fourth stages of the rankings for admission after grade VII.

This is one of the changes in the Ordinance on the organization of activities in school education, published for public discussion on the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The introduction of the fourth ranking stage will maximally reduce the number of rejected and unenrolled students after the third ranking stage and will create conditions for fewer closed classes.

In this way, the administrative burden in schools, regional administrations of education and the Ministry of Education and Culture will be eased.

The possibility remains, with the decision of the head of the regional education administration and after an analysis of admissions, when, after the fourth stage of ranking, the students enrolled in a class are below the norm for the minimum number of students, it may not be closed.

Exceptionally, state admission can continue until September 11 if there are students who have not been admitted.

This stage is organized by the host schools.

In these cases, in order to avoid unprincipled acceptance and transfer of students from one school to another, it is specified that they be ranked according to the applicant's score in descending order.

In this way, the principle of competition is preserved, on the basis of which the ranking is carried out at all stages of admission.

In the previous stages of classification, a student enrolled in a school in one area after the first or second stage of classification is not visualized in the information system as "enrolled" in another area.

In this way, a student could block several vacancies in several areas and at the same time be enrolled in a school in a different area.

With the changes, this problem is overcome, as only students who are not enrolled in any school in the country, as well as students who have not applied so far, are admitted to the third and fourth ranking.

The information system will no longer allow applications to be submitted if the student is in "enrolled" status at a school in the country of the state's admissions plan.

Students who cannot appear for the national external assessment because they are in hospital or due to quarantine, will be able to use their results from the regional or national round of the Olympiads in Bulgarian language and literature and/or mathematics from the MES calendar, held in the year of application.

The higher result from the regional or national round of the Olympiad in the relevant subject, expressed in points as a percentage of the maximum number of points, will be used for the ranking.

In these cases, the parents will submit an application to the head of the RUO with attached documents certifying the stay in hospital or the quarantine.

The deadline for submitting the application is before the start date specified in the schedule of activities for submitting documents for admission.

The addition will enable students who have achieved high results in Bulgarian language or mathematics to apply for places under the state admissions plan, corresponding to the level of their knowledge and skills.

A father thanks a young teacher from Sliven with a letter to the Ministry of Education and Culture

The district committee for the admission of students in grade VIII will be able to determine the relevant academic subjects from the specialized preparation, which will participate in the varsity education for the students studying in the 7th grade in specialized schools who do not have a grade in some of the varsity-forming educational subjects in the certificate of basic education .