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I want to take the floor and make a remark to the chairman of the meeting, Mr. Rosen Zhelyazkov.

The subject of the debate shifts.

Things looked like - who soiled my pants and all GERD

GERB is a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in the have tainted them.

But the pants are yours, colleagues.

There was also a joke back in the day.

One claims that he did not kill a man, but was simply peeling an apple and the man walked past him, tripped and fell on the hammer.

And so 12 times. 

This was stated by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Vezhdi Rashidov, from the parliamentary rostrum

Vezhdi Rashidov is a Bulgarian sculptor, minister of culture in Boyko's cabinet during the debates on the creation of a temporary commission to establish all the facts and circumstances regarding NEXO's activities.  

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"We are talking about political hygiene here. I looked at oligarchs who want to rule. Prokopiev wants to rule for years. How many times have I eaten his tin. Let's stop shifting the topic. Let's create a commission to establish things. Apparently this one company has something unclean. Let's make a commission and that's it. Enough with shifting the topic. Everything must be public and transparent in this country," Rashidov added. 

Vezdi Rashidov