The Jidai Cherry Blossom Season will be held at the Jidai Cherry Blossom Forest from the 19th to March 5th.

(Provided by National Jinan International University)

[Reporter Tong Zhenguo/Report from Nantou] Plum blossoms are currently in full bloom in the mountainous area of ​​Nantou County, but mountain cherry blossoms are also blooming quietly, announcing that the cherry blossom season in February and March is approaching. From March 5th, a series of activities will be held in the Cherry Blossom Forest, including the Frog Market, folk songs and street performers, cultural tea banquets, premium coffee tasting, outdoor exploration and education, etc. You may wish to visit during the Lunar New Year holiday Walk around the beautiful JNU campus with no traffic jams and easy parking.

Last year's high temperature and little rain in winter disrupted the flowering period of crops. In the middle and late January, the plum blossoms in many areas of Nantou County were in full bloom. At present, some mountain cherry blossoms are also quietly blooming under the catalysis of low temperature, including Jida University, Puwu, Taiwan 14 There are beautiful scenery of plum blossoms and cherry blossoms in the same frame on the highway, and thousands of cherry blossoms of various varieties are planted on the campus of Jinan University. The cherry blossom viewing season will also start tomorrow (19th) and last for 46 days until March 5th. Some mountain cherry blossoms in the forest have already bloomed. Due to the cold weather forecast during the annual holiday, more flowers are expected to bloom in early February.

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JNU stated that in addition to the press conference and cultural tea ceremony at the campus cherry blossom forest platform at 11:00 am tomorrow, there will also be a frog treasure market, a folk song choir, grassland performances by street performers, a cultural tea ceremony, cherry blossoms coffee boutique coffee and Tea-tasting activities, alumni returning to their natal homes to enjoy cherry blossoms, outdoor exploration and education activities, and the big cherry blossom season achievement exhibition of the department and the Cherry Blossom Alliance Education Market and other activities.

As for the Spring Festival period from the 22nd to the 29th (the first day to the eighth day of the new year), the Frog Market will be held every day. On the 28th, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, the Qingyun Folk Song Choir and the Cherry Blossom Season Cultural Tea Party will appear. Traffic jams and easy parking on the campus of Jinan University to enjoy the scenery in spring.

Plum blossoms are currently in full bloom on the campus of National Jinan International University.

(Provided by Pan Qiao)

The weather has been relatively cold recently, and some cherry blossoms on the campus of Jilin University have already bloomed. Due to the coldness of the Spring Festival holiday, we hope that more flowers will bloom in early February.

(Provided by National Jinan International University)