There was an attack on a hospital in China, in which 3 people were sleeping in the corridor of the hospital and were hit on the head by an old man with a hard object for no reason.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] An attack was reported in a hospital in China. There were 3 people sleeping in the corridor of the hospital. An old man staggered and walked into the surveillance video with a big stone in his hands. Choose a sleeping person The woman hit her hard on the head several times, the victim lost consciousness and her head was bleeding, and the old man wanted to attack the other two people present and the passing people.

The exposure of the exaggerated images attracted attention, and China's Weibo once again resorted to deleting the video to control public opinion.

According to Chinese netizens’ information and backup videos, the attack took place at about 4:30 am on January 8 this year. At that time, it was the rest time. There were 3 beds in the corridor, with 2 women and 1 man lying on them. An old man sneaked in on the camp bed used to accompany the sick, holding a hard object suspected to be a boulder in his hand. He locked on one of the women sleeping on the hospital bed, glanced at the monitor camera, and looked at the woman. The head was smashed down hard.

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The victim suffered a severe blow to the head. Although she woke up from her sleep, she couldn't react or got up and ran away. She touched the sore spot with her hands. The old man was determined to kill the woman, and then slammed her ruthlessly a few times. The woman lost consciousness and her head The head was also smashed by the old man, bleeding continuously.

Seeing that the murder had succeeded, the old man turned around to hit other people, waking up the sleeping man. After a stalemate between the two, the man managed to escape. The old man then changed his target and threw another sleeping woman. The first hit was successful. However, she immediately stood up and confronted the old man, and finally escaped successfully.

In another corner of the screen, the first woman attacked by the old man had already slipped off the bed and fell to the ground without moving, and the blood on the pillow was shocking.

The old man who killed was expressionless throughout, as if taking human life was just a trivial matter of beating cockroaches.

This cruel video has not received any official response. Even after it aroused the attention of the Chinese people on Weibo, it was deleted by Chinese Weibo and popularized in searches in an attempt to whitewash the peace. At present, there are many discussions in the rest of the text, and some Chinese netizens have identified it The hospital where the accident happened should be in Heilongjiang.

Chinese netizens were quite horrified, "At first I thought that the person who was smashed was someone he knew, but then it was a random killing", "Why did you suppress this matter?", "This is really such an age Who would have thought that he would attack patients indiscriminately like this", "What is the background of his x (old man)? Now the whole network is suppressing (news)".

Chinese Hospital Elderly - Dashi attack

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