Yang Yumei (right in the picture), a special member of the North District Business Group of the National Health Insurance Administration, presented a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Lin (left in the picture) and other 4 donors.

(Provided by the North District Operations Group of the National Health Insurance Administration)

[Reporter Li Rongping/Taoyuan Report] 6-year-old Jiang Xiaodi, who lives in Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City, has been taken care of by his grandma since his father was imprisoned and his mother lost contact.

The source of income for the family depends entirely on grandma picking up and recycling resources, doing odd jobs, and government subsidies for children's living allowances.

Due to unstable income, the unpaid insurance premiums accumulated to more than 57,000 yuan. After receiving the notification from the social worker, the North District Business Team of the Central Health Insurance Administration immediately started to assist in the special account subsidy of the health insurance to solve the predicament for Xiaodi Jiang and his family.

At the end of the year, Mr. Lin, who lives in Dayuan District, Taoyuan City, and his brothers and sisters went to the North District Operations Team of the National Health Insurance Department today, donating a total of 480,000 yuan to help disadvantaged families, so that children similar to Jiang's situation can be given immediate assistance. I also hope that they can give back to the society when they grow up and form a good cycle of helping others to help themselves. The National Health Insurance Administration will assist vulnerable people such as children in Jiang's situation, marginal households with low and middle incomes, families in economic difficulties due to sudden changes, and families in special circumstances to pay health insurance related expenses.

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Xu Jingjing, deputy head of the North District Business Group of the National Health Insurance Administration, said that in order to help these vulnerable people with economic difficulties, the National Health Insurance Administration has set up a special account for love since 2002 and accepts donations from all walks of life. Over the past 20 years, it has assisted more than 38,000 people, and the amount of assistance has exceeded 2 billion.

The money in the special account of love comes from donations from well-meaning people in the society. It is used to assist vulnerable people with financial difficulties to pay for health insurance. continued.

Xu Jingjing mentioned that since June 7, 2016, the National Health Insurance Department has fully canceled the card to improve the universal value of medical human rights, so that the disadvantaged will not be afraid to go to the doctor because of arrears, and implement the government's intention to take care of the disadvantaged and ensure medical treatment for all Purpose of the interest.

If there are disadvantaged friends who are unable to pay the health insurance premiums around the public, they can go to the official website of the National Health Insurance Administration and click "Health Insurance Services" → "Insurance and Premiums" → "Vulnerable Assistance" → "Vulnerable People Notification Platform" to report and do their part to care for the disadvantaged .