The main difference between the Ukrainian army and the Russian army is that we try to preserve the lives of defenders of Ukraine, and not use them as cannon fodder.

This was stated by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov, correspondent reports.

"It is very important for us to provide the defense forces with an "armored fist" so that it can break through their defenses in a counterattack and at the same time save the lives of our soldiers. Therefore, we are very interested in Senator armored vehicles, as well as in modern tanks. Today, we already have the initiative several countries, for example, Poland and Finland, which publicly announced their readiness to transfer Leopard tanks to us in a coalition with other partner countries that have them in service," Oleksiy Reznikov noted. 

He adds that it is very important for us to continue our counter-offensive operations to liberate the temporarily occupied territories.

As it was already in Kyiv region, Chernihiv region, Sumy region, Kharkiv region, Kherson region. 

"The Minister of Defense of Germany has clearly stated to us that they are ready to provide us with Leopard tanks if the first tanks are of the NATO type, but not German. Thanks to the initiative of the United Kingdom and the statements made by Prime Minister Sunak and the Secretary of Defense of Great Britain, British-made Challenger tanks will be in Ukraine, such a decision has already been made. Therefore, in my personal opinion, there are no moments for Germany to take its time with the Leopard. I have an optimistic hope that during the meeting in the Ramstein format, we will get to know the new minister of Germany's defense, and we will hear from him a clear position that will be in the interests of Ukraine", - said the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov.

The day before, it was noted that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz once again stated that his country will supply Leopard tanks to Ukraine only in a coalition with other European countries.

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