Germany has diversified its gas and


supplies and is no longer dependent on Russian energy sources.

This was


by the Minister of Finance of Germany, Christian Lindner, BBC reports.

He stated that his country started diversifying after the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine, which began in February last year.

Russia also tried to blackmail European countries, so it itself stopped the supply of a large part of energy carriers, but in Germany they found a replacement for Russian energy resources.

"Yes, of course, Germany still depends on the import of energy resources, but today it is not on imports from Russia, but on world markets," the minister noted.

It will be recalled that earlier it was reported that as a result of limiting the price of Russian oil, Moscow's income from exports

decreased by approximately 160 million euros ($172 million) per day


In addition, we previously reported that the US and its allies

are preparing new sanctions against the Russian oil industry


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