According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of December 30, 2022, N 1487, embassies and consulates of Ukraine must keep military records of conscripts, conscripts, reservists, inform Ukrainians who are abroad about the start of a new draft and mobilization and "facilitate" their return home .

According to lawyer Mykola Holbin, there are currently no mechanisms to force men to register for consular and military registration abroad, let alone return them home.

It is also not possible to initiate criminal proceedings on this fact, because it is the territory of other states where international laws apply.

As experts note:

  • Ukrainians can register only


  • Employees of diplomatic missions will theoretically be able to inform about conscription, but they

    are not obliged and do not have the right

    to serve summonses to conscripts


  • There is no clear mechanism for "facilitating the return of conscripts and reservists to Ukraine",

    men can be deported only by the decision of a court of a foreign state.

  • Extradition

    applies only in case of

    committing a certain crime,

    but citizens of Ukraine who went abroad during the war are not criminals.

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