In Warsaw,


, they are going to hold an action in support of the regime of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin under the guise of a protest against the war.

In this way, the Kremlin propagandists want to "fight back" the Poles from helping the Ukrainians and prevent the supply of weapons to protect the Ukrainian territories from the invaders.

This was warned by the Polish Center for Monitoring Racist and Xenophobic Behavior (OMZRiK).

The action in support of the Putin regime under the guise of an anti-war demonstration will be held by pro-Russian activists from the far-right organization "Kamractwo" ("The Society") with the support of the Belarusian KGB, which provides the organizers of the event, according to their own admissions, with propaganda materials. 

Marcin Osadovskyi, a member of the pro-Russian organization "Tovaristvo", who published propaganda materials in which, under the guise of anti-war rhetoric, he praised and justified the crimes of the Putin regime.

Propaganda videos presented by Osadovsky are aimed at Poles in order to show the Russian occupying forces as the "liberators" of Ukraine, to "repress" the desire of Polish citizens to help Ukrainians.

Propagandists will also promote the Kremlin's narrative regarding the supply of weapons to Ukraine in order to disrupt their supply to Kyiv. 

"The organizers are already assuring on social networks that the march will be anti-Ukrainian and that its goal is to incite hatred towards people of Ukrainian origin in Polish society, which should distract Poles from providing aid to Ukraine," writes OMZRiK.

The march is planned in the capital of Poland on the afternoon of January 21.

Information about the move being prepared was passed on to the mayor of Warsaw, the police and the Polish Internal Security Agency.

We will remind you that a Russian businessman was detained

in Poland


He collected data on NATO troops.

Earlier, Warsaw warned that

Russian propaganda in Poland may intensify in 2023

due to this year's parliamentary elections in Poland, which are scheduled for autumn.

In addition, Stanislav Zharin, the authorized representative of the government for the security of the information space of Poland, announced the next stage of the information attack of the Russian Federation in Poland. 

The aggressor is inciting Polish society

 against Ukraine and the Polish leadership. 

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