The Fengtan section of Guosi has been opened to traffic, and people can use it to avoid congested sections.

(Provided by Gaogong Bureau)

[Reporter Ding Yi/Taipei Report] The Spring Festival holiday is coming soon. In response to the opening of the Fengyuan-Tanzi section of National Highway No. 4 yesterday (16), it connects with National Highway No. 3 Wufeng Interchange via Taiwan Highway 74, forming a highway in the Taichung area. , Expressway road network, the Highway Bureau of the Ministry of Communications recommends that people commuting to and from Taichung City can use the National 1 Taichung system and the National 3 China-Hong Kong system to transfer to the National 4 and connect to the National Highway 74 to avoid peak traffic congestion on the Taichung section of the Western National Highway.

The Gaogong Bureau stated that Taichung Highway 74 is the inner ring of Taichung City. In the past, traffic from the north to and from Taichung City used Taichung Highway 74. It is mainly connected by the upper and lower level roads at the three interchanges of Daya, Zhonggang and Nantun on National Highway No. 1. After the Fengyuan-Tanzi section of National Highway No. 4 is opened to traffic, transfer to National Highway No. 4 at the Taichung System of National Highway No. 1 and the China-Hong Kong System of National Highway No. 3. In addition to quickly arriving at Fengyuan and Tanzi areas, you can also directly connect to Taiwan Highway 74 to quickly enter Taichung City No need to spend time waiting at the upper and lower interchanges and intersections.

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The Gaogong Bureau pointed out that the Taichung metropolitan area is a traffic bottleneck section of the National Highway that runs from south to north, especially the southbound sections from the first day to the third day from 8 to 13 o'clock every day, and the sections from National 1 Houli to Daya, National 3 Kuaiguan to Wufeng, etc. ; From the third day to the sixth day, the northbound road is from 10 to 23 o'clock every day, on the road sections from Nantun to Houli in the country 1, and from Kuaiguan to the Zhonggang system in the country 3. 1 Taichung system, National 3 China-Hong Kong system transfers to National 4 to connect Taiwan 74 to National 3 Wufeng Interchange, avoiding the above-mentioned congested road sections.

Cai Mingzhe, Section Chief of the Traffic Management Team of the Gaogong Bureau, said that during the Spring Festival, the traffic flow on the national highway is concentrated from the first day to the fifth day of the new year. The second day of the new year is the day with the most southbound traffic flow. Mainly.

The Gaogong Bureau predicts that the third day of junior high school will be the day with the largest traffic volume, reaching 1.4 million vehicle kilometers, which is 1.6 times that of normal days.

Cai Mingzhe pointed out that the third and fourth day of junior high school are the peak days for returning to the north, and it is expected that there will be congestion for a long time after noon. The Miaoli road section of National 1 and National 3, and the Yilan road section of National 5 may be congested until the early morning of the next day. It is recommended to use passers-by to start in the morning.

According to the analysis of the Gaogong Bureau, the departure time and location of the southbound traffic are relatively scattered. Although the southbound traffic volume is large in the second day of junior high school, because many people have gone home for the New Year's Eve dinner, the departure locations are inconsistent, and the expressway should not be too congested.

Cai Mingzhe reminded that from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, high-occupancy control will be implemented at the northbound entrance of the interchange from the National Camp to Toufen, and from Guosanguantian to Zhunan; from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the third day to the eighth day , State 5 Suao, Luodong, Yilan and the northbound entrances of the Toucheng Interchange will implement high-occupancy control, please pay attention to the public.