The Ministry of Communications held a press conference for the Spring Festival today. Minister of Communications Wang Guocai (second from left) explained the goals of sightseeing.

(Photo by reporter Zheng Weiqi)

[Reporter Zheng Weiqi/Taipei Report] After Taiwan unblocked its borders on October 13 last year, the number of tourists visiting Taiwan reached 850,000 throughout the year, an increase of more than 20% from the original estimate of 700,000.

Transport Minister Wang Guocai said at the Ministry of Transport's Spring Festival press conference today that he has secured a special budget to invest in plans to attract international tourists to Taiwan, and will continue to promote normal tourism to attract tourists. It reached the level before the epidemic (11.86 million visitors to Taiwan), and set a new record for tourists the next year.

Wang Guocai said that during the epidemic last year, Taiwan Tourism made every effort to promote the preparation work, and made six major international charms including Dayeliu Crown Coast, Northeast Dune Art Zone, Sun Moon Lake, the Pearl of the Mountain, Alishan Star, East Coast Paradise Island, and Penghu Gold Coast. The construction of the scenic spot is completed; and the construction of 28 important tourist attractions such as the Zhongjiao Bay Base and the Zouzu Cultural and Creative Park has been completed. It is expected that when international tourists come to Taiwan, not only Alishan and Sun Moon Lake, but also other attractions can be visited.

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This time the special budget will be invested in plans to attract international tourists. Wang Guocai said that starting from this year, he will continue to promote product optimization, service upgrades, strategic layout and other normal tourism activities. 720,000 in the first quarter, 1.79 million in the second quarter, 1.5 million in the third quarter, and 1.99 million in the fourth quarter) come to Taiwan.

In terms of product optimization, it will promote the construction of 12 highlights, shape the regional tourism brand, and promote 103 diverse and characteristic sightseeing activities, etc.; service upgrades will mainly focus on talent training, simplify the process of star hotels, and increase the number of hospitable homestays and bicycle hotels; strategic layout Including sprinting for a 10% growth of China National Travel, and innovative marketing to attract international tourists, will participate in 24 large-scale promotional activities and travel exhibitions, hold 400 marketing activities, invite thousands of people to step on the line and experience Internet celebrities, and send gifts to reward visitors to Taiwan.