Russian Su-34 bombers arrived in Belarus for so-called "military exercises". 

This is reported by Sputnik Belarus.

"Russian air units began arriving in the country to participate in the training at least from January 8. The training itself takes place from January 16 to February 1. The main goal of the training, as noted by the Ministry of Defense, is to increase interoperability during joint training and combat missions," - writes the Belarusian mass media.

As can be seen from the published photos, Russian pilots were awaited and received with great honors in Belarus.

They were greeted with bread and salt. 

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Belarus

Let's add that the residents of Rivne region were

warned about the danger due to the aviation training of Russia and Belarus.

Vitaliy Koval, the head of the Rivne Regional Military Administration, warned that one of these training flights could become non-training.

What is happening in Belarus

We will remind, on Monday, January 16,

 joint exercises of Russia and Belarus began. 

The training is expected to last until February 1.

Before that, Belarus began to urgently 

modernize the barracks for Russian pilots.

As of January 16, 

Ukraine did not record an increase in

 groups of Russian and Belarusian troops on the territory of the Republic of Belarus near the borders.

The head of the State Border Service, Serhii Deineko, indicated that there had not yet been any activities within the framework of the announced joint aviation exercises between Russia and Belarus. 

As Western media write, 

for a new attack from Belarus 

The armed forces of Russia are not yet strong enough.

 According to Welt, there are currently

 about 13,000 Russian military personnel in Belarus. 

For an offensive that would not end in an immediate defeat for Putin, the Russian Federation 

a multiple number of troops will be needed.  

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