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Two months after an operation by the Prosecutor's Office uncovered a network for the distribution of child pornography and arrested 13 pedophiles, in the District Court - Smolyan the representative of the prosecution refused to support the protest against the sentence of a 56-year-old man sentenced to 2 years for fornication with 9-year-old girl.

In November 2022, the District Court in Devin sentenced 56-year-old Boris Popov from Sofia to 2 years in prison.

He was found guilty, and the court ordered that the sentence be served under an initial general regime.

The case was heard behind closed doors, and subsequently both the prosecutor and the private prosecutors appealed the verdict.

There is also a complaint from the lawyers of the defendant - Chepishevi, reported Trefficnews. 

Although he initially claimed to be innocent, the defendant Boris Popov pleaded guilty after incriminating photos of the child he abused were found in his phone memory.

He deleted them before handing over his device, but computer specialists later managed to recover the recordings.

After the revelations, Popov pleads guilty and wants the trial to continue under the summary trial, which gives him the opportunity to have the actual sentence reduced by 1/3 and he receives a two-year sentence.

The case against Popov is heard at the second instance in the Smolyan District Court.

The parents of the victim, as well as their lawyer Stanislav Stanev, were unpleasantly surprised by the position of the prosecutor, who refused to support the protest of his colleague from the District Prosecutor's Office. 

A grown man fornicates with a fifth grader

"What's the point of making noisy actions and arresting people, since all this is not defended in court later," the child's mother is outraged.

The parents are adamant that the sentence is too low for the crime committed. 

"Our daughter has been going to a psychologist for a whole year. She falls into crises, has panic attacks. She feels guilty for what happened. What will her life be like when she grows up and becomes a woman", are the rhetorical questions the mother asks. 

3 years in prison for a young man who committed fornication with a minor

The crime was committed on January 1, 2022, in a hotel complex in the Devina village of Yagodina, where friends from Sofia had gathered to welcome the new year 2022. At 1:30 a.m., Popov slipped into the child's room, locked the door, and began fornicating with him.

A little later, the mother tried to enter the room, and then the child told what he had been subjected to.

After the arrest of Popov, the police seized his mobile phone, which contained many brutal photos of fornication with the child, which, however, were not only from the evening of January 1, 2022. The man is a wealthy businessman from Sofia.

He is the manager of three companies dealing with publishing and printing, information technology, renewable energy sources, and logistics.

He was friends with the girl's parents, who had no idea of ​​his inclinations.

The close ties between the families provided the man with access to the girl. 

"This man cares more about his public image than what he did to the child. Although he claims to be very sorry for what happened, I don't believe that is the case. In the past year, he has in no way was interested in what was happening with the child. The most incomprehensible thing in this case is that his wife supports him, but that is her choice," commented the girl's mother. 

A suspended sentence for a repeat offender who fornicated with an 11-year-old child

At the moment, Boris Popov is under house arrest with a GPS bracelet.

The court is expected to rule within a month.

We remind you that on November 18, 2022, a large-scale action was held in the capital.

The action was held simultaneously at 20 addresses, and 30 investigators, 30 GDBOP employees and over 60 gendarmes participated in it.

A pilot from a low-cost airline, a real estate appraiser, a sports store owner, and an IT specialist were arrested during the operation.

All of them were wealthy, with good incomes, and most of them in good positions.

Among those detained are a motorcar driver, a general worker, a locksmith, a car mechanic, etc.

The men are between 30 and 40 years old, but there are also around 60-year-olds.

About 50 percent of those detained are families, with children, with good financial opportunities, announced the head of the National Investigation Service, Borislav Sarafov.