The National Health Insurance Administration emphasized that it has initially strengthened information security from three major aspects.

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[Reporter Lin Huiqin/Taipei Report] According to the weekly report, the investigation and investigation targeted Ye Fengming, the former chief secretary of the Ministry of Health and Welfare Department of Health and Welfare, who used flash drives to steal public insurance data files for 13 years. After entering China more than 10 times, after returning to Taiwan, an unknown large amount of money was remitted to his family bank account.

In this regard, the National Health Insurance Administration appeals to all walks of life not to speculate on the case. The internal administrative investigation is expected to be completed this Thursday, and it emphasizes that it has initially strengthened information security from three major aspects.

The National Health Insurance Department issued a statement pointing out that the source and verification channel of the weekly report is unknown, and what is known so far is not for the investigation and disclosure of case information to the public.

In addition, I am deeply saddened by the investigation of current colleagues or retirees, and will continue to uphold the principle of eliminating evil and doing everything possible, and fully cooperate with the investigation unit to find out the truth.

In the future, colleagues who are found to be illegal after investigation will never be lenient, and will be severely punished according to law.

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Cai Xiuqing, director of the Political Affairs Office of the National Health Insurance Administration, also stated that crisis management was initiated immediately after the incident, including first, the personnel involved in the case were transferred from their positions in charge; The special case team conducts internal administrative investigations and reviews the internal control mechanism; 4. Take a comprehensive inventory of the authority of colleagues in the department to inquire about health insurance data, check the suitability and immediately adjust the scope of authorization.

At present, it is expected that the internal administrative investigation will be completed before this Thursday, and the results will be announced as soon as possible.

Cai Xiuqing said that the management of information security has been strengthened, including strengthening the management of inquiry authorization involving sensitive information, the review mechanism for large-scale data inquiries, and the appropriate masking of personal information during the inquiry process.

In addition, revise the health insurance data query norms, review the data query content and management process, strengthen information security education and training through information security management and control meetings, and improve personal quality and information security concepts.