"Lucky number for this draw" 17/01/66, the latest draw, the first draw of the year Before winning the government lottery draw this afternoon, prepare to win "lucky numbers" and "famous numbers" from where to be popular.

Let luck win the lottery until you become the next new millionaire.

On January 17, 2023, reporters reported that

Today is the day of the government lottery.

The draw of 17/01/66, which is considered the first draw of this year.

which has been postponed to release the lottery to today

because it was on Teacher's Day on 16 Jan. '23

. According to a survey of lottery stalls in the morning, it was found that there were still many lottery stalls to choose from.

It was found that the lottery for this draw

has a relatively high price

While many sellers have complained in the same voice since the opening of the panel that

In addition to the lottery being expensive

It will also be quite difficult to find lottery tickets for sale.

also confident that

In the future, if the price is higher, it may not be able to compete.

Come back to "lucky numbers", "popular numbers", "beautiful numbers", "lucky numbers" in this period, they can't be bought anymore.

because it was completely occupied from the first day

Whether it's numbers related to Chinese New Year, Teacher's Day, New Year's numbers, etc.

However, for those who do not have "lucky numbers" in their hearts, "Thairath Online" sums up lucky numbers from all over the world. Let's see.

Mute girl's daughter asks for luck "Thao Wessuwan" welcomes the first draw of the year 2023, gets "lucky numbers for this draw"

"Daughter of a mute woman" brought her to ask for luck "Thao Wessuwan", Ku Bon Temple, welcomes the first installment of the year 2023, do not miss the guideline

"Lucky numbers for this round" go back to gamble 17/1/66

Looking at the car registration, the person taking "Green Snake with a Crested" Kham Chanot, Cure, Gamble

Vice President of Ban Dung City Council

Taking a green snake with a crest like a serpent from Kham Chanot looking for treatment after being thin, expecting to have a wound in the mouth

While the lottery neck looks at the car registration, gamble for the draw 17/01/23

Top 10 "lucky numbers" best sellers "famous numbers for this period" are sold out

Open the top 10 "lucky numbers" best sellers for the first draw of 2023. Lottery merchants say "famous numbers for this period" and "lucky numbers" are no longer available.

Appease the lottery neck, already included

"Lucky number for this draw" from auspicious incense

Collection of "lucky numbers", the latest installment, auspicious incense from many famous places

It's a way to gamble luck with the most popular government lottery at the end of the year, draw 17/01/23

The lottery is out. This draw, the lottery division hasn't roamed yet. Don't forget to look at the "lucky numbers".

that the rich man

"Lucky numbers for this draw" have you gone to buy "lottery tickets" yet?

Prepare to win. Who will be lucky?

Become a new millionaire

What did the lottery draw come out of this draw?

"Nong Pruek", Thao Wessuwan's son, kindly told "lucky numbers for this round" to "mute daughter" so that the lottery fans

shines as a guideline

Go to gamble for the draw 17/1/23

Lottery necks parade to shine "lucky numbers", birthday of "Luang Por Pae" Wat Sawang Arom

Villagers flocked to attend the Auspicious Auspicious Day

"Luang Pho Pae" Wat Sawang Arom

Lottery necks do not miss out on buying wins.

"Lucky number for this round" to gamble 17/01/66

This lottery draw was released on 17 Jan. The statistician smiles sweetly. Found "lucky numbers" repeated twice.

This draw, the lottery was released on 17 Jan. The gambler took a look at the "lucky numbers" statistics for the past 5 years. Found the last two numbers 50, used to repeat 2 times, while "beautiful numbers" and "famous numbers" appeared in abundance.

Open the lottery statistics on Tuesday.

The gambler found a lot of "lucky numbers".

This lottery draw will be released on Tuesday.

Open the statistics for the past 5 years. "Famous numbers" have come out for many draws, while "lucky numbers for this draw" have appeared in abundance. Gamblers prepare to win the lottery draw 17/1/2023

People parade to join the Royal Destiny Day

Lottery fans don't miss out on "lucky numbers" Teacher Ba Boonchum wins riches

Faculty of strong faith, Wat Phra That Doi Wiang Kaew

Parade to join the Royal Destiny Day

As for the lottery neck, don't miss it.

Parade to buy age and car registration numbers

"Phra Kruba Boonchum" went to gamble for the draw of 17/01/66.